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Pink Magnolia Is Perfect For Your Backyard

Pink Magnolia Is Perfect For Your Backyard

Magnolias are deciduous trees. With its large & waxy pink blooms, they can transform your garden’s look. Whether you’re looking for an ornamental tree to plant in your narrow space or patio, magnolias are the perfect one to go for. They are low-maintenance and deliver picture-perfect curb appeal. Imagine walking into a garden with a row of dreamy pink magnolia trees, looks like a fairy tale garden, isn’t it? Magnolia are small, low-branched trees with large, star-shaped flowers. Its fragrant, early-spring flowers are white shaded with light to deep pink-hues. Its big, broad leaves are dark green, and the bark is brownish grey. They’re also versatile and can be grown as a hedge as well. 

Best For Small Spaces

With its rounded form and slightly short in size, they’re great for smaller gardens. Though they grow dense and bushy, the bottom branches can be trimmed off to achieve the look of a small tree. Their flowers are also used in medicine and other edible foods, especially in Chinese cuisine. From teas to cough syrups, Magnolia even has medicinal properties that can heal hay fever and cough.

Great For Privacy

If privacy is something that concerns you, you can adorn the yard with beautiful Magnolias. Because of its compact growth and bushy foliage, it covers the house to a certain extent and that’s why they make a handsome hedge. It rises to 12 feet and provides privacy from the curious neighbourhood.

Unique & Vibrant Look

If you want to amp up your garden with bright blooms that cheer you up in early spring. Plant Teddy Bear Magnolia in your garden where it starts to bloom in early spring and fills your garden with a beautiful aroma. With soft tapered petals and a maximum width of four feet, this star-shaped Magnolia looks elegant on your garden. It blooms before the leaves are produced, so the flowers are the stars of your garden.

Varieties of Magnolia Trees:

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to order some exclusive varieties of Magnolia plants online, visit Online Plants today.

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