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Magnolia Denudata

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pot size: 33cm
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Magnolia denudata is a superb deciduous magnolia form tree. Spectacular spring flowering. Genuinely beautiful specimen tree in modern or art deco gardens. 

Denudata Magnolia is one of the most popular species in cultivation, and certainly one of the most beautiful. It will grow into an attractive spreading small tree and will look stunning when its ivory white flowers open in late Winter/ early spring. Its flowers have a rich sweet perfume and really stand out against a blue sky.

Will reach a height of 5mt and width of 2mt after 10 years. Magnolia denudata likes a sunny position in the garden,  with some shelter from strong 
Mulching will help keep the surface roots cool and moist, and this will help the longevity and health of your tree.  Also fertilising with a a specific Magnolia plant food, twice per year will help promote further growth and lush flowers.
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