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Magnolia Teddy Bear

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pot size: 33cm
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Magnolia Teddy Bear is a new release evergreen form of the very popular magnolia grandiflora. When fully mature can reach 4-6mt tall and 2-3 mt wide. Teddy bear is proving very successful and highly adaptable to Australian gardens. Read some of the reviews here, and elsewhere, this is a truly unique and spectacular screening or architectural plant. It keeps a very tight knit, compact shape and habit. Foliage is dark green with shiny leaves, slightly more rounded than other forms like little gem and Kay Parris. 

Under side of the leaf is reddish-brown with a soft felt feel. Ideal as a spectacular screening plant, or as a stand alone feature tree. Magnolia Teddy Bear is a hybrid variety of magnolia tree that was developed in New Zealand. 

The Teddy Bear magnolia is named for its large, fuzzy buds that open up to reveal fragrant, cup-shaped flowers in the spring. The flowers are white with a pinkish-purple blush on the outside, and can reach up to 20cm in diameter. The tree also has glossy, dark green leaves that provide a lush backdrop for the blooms.
Flowers are fragrant and prolific, large white, occurring in abundance during late spring and summer. It does flower best in a full sun position. However, teddy bear can also be grown in a partial shade position. Will grow best in a rich fertile, well drained soil, don't overfeed, or over water. Mulch to keep surface roots moist. Also a great plant for window box's, containers and pots in the courtyard. Magnolia teddy bear are an investment plant for your home, so don't skimp on preparation. 

Will benefit from feeding twice per year with a complete plant food and liquid fertilizer. For further inquiries please email:   

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