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Interesting Facts About Magnolia

Interesting Facts About Magnolia

Are you searching for beautiful trees from Online Plant nurseries melbourneAustralian Plant Nurseries are provided with a wide range of beautiful trees, and shrubs, and pot plants, and if you are looking to have flowery trees that look elegant with amazing blooms, turn your eyes towards Magnolia.


Magnolia is an ornamental tree with beautiful flowers and an extraordinary fragrance. As autumn in its full swing, Magnolia puts on a spectacular show, and as summer comes in, this tree would beautify your garden with its full blooms. The star-shaped, snowy white flower petals of Magnolia are a delight to watch.  


So, What Makes Magnolias Beautiful?                           


The creamy-white and waxy petals of Magnolia just glow against their glossy dark green foliage. It is what makes it attractive, and gardeners love Magnolia trees for its less maintenance. Its crisp smell fills your entire garden with a pleasing fragrance.


From simple cut flowers to wedding decors and bouquets, even dried magnolia flowers make a bold statement in decors. Such is the magnificent beauty of Magnolias. Its flowers are perfect for a summertime centerpiece.


Smell Of Magnolia


Magnolias have a strong and pleasing fragrance, and it differs from species to species. Some would smell like roses, jasmine, lemon, sweet smell, citrus-honey, candy, spicy verbena, and more. The smell varies from species to species. From white to pink to purple, any species of Magnolia can make your garden look and smell the best.


Medicinal Uses Of Magnolia


  • Barks of magnolia trees are used for treating stomach and lung disorders.

  • Some Chinese medicine uses magnolia flowers to make herbal teas, and is considered to be a remedy for fevers, and also ease cough and muscular relaxation.

  • Its flowers are used in some essential oils.

  • Oil made from Magnolia flowers can be used for treating hair loss, and can be used as an antiseptic for wounds.

  • In some traditional medicine, they use magnolia flowers to treat asthma as well.

 Varieties of Magnolia Trees:


Want to explore the beautiful varieties of Magnolia? Head to Online Plants and gift your garden with a beautiful Magnolia. 

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