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How To Design A Walkway With Beautiful Saucer Magnolias?

How To Design A Walkway With Beautiful Saucer Magnolias?

Nothing can be more relaxing than having a walk in the garden path adored with fragrant blossoms of Magnolias. If you’re planning to create a landscape or a walkway in your garden, Magnolia plants are a great addition to beautify the entire garden set up. As there are different varieties of Magnolia, finding a suitable one that matches your landscape design and soil would be helpful. Among all the popular varieties of Magnolia, saucer Magnolia is the most beautiful deciduous tree with pink-hued flowers. Saucer Magnolias are popular in the U.S & Europe. However, some online plant nurseries in Melbourne do stock some best varieties of Magnolia. The following are the information about how to design a walkway with Magnolias.

Fix The Area

Saucer Magnolias thrive well in full sun to partial sun. So, while designing the walkway you must ensure they get sufficient light. Also, keep the soil mixed with good organic compost and ensure it is well-drained. They work well in moist and acidic soil.

Form A Casual & Comfy Path

Whether the path is short or long, you can create a pathway elegant & appealing. From wood mulch to gravel, limestone, recycled pallet woods, bricks, stepping stone, and bark mulch, you can choose anything that is cost-effective and versatile.

Leave Planting Space Along Sidewalks

Saucer magnolia reaches heights of 20 to 30 feet tall and wide at maturity. So, ensure to leave 4 to 8 feet apart between each magnolia tree, would be just right. Magnolias have a shallow root system comprised of fleshy, rope-like roots, so ensure the hedge is perfectly laid. The flowers start to bloom between February – April and your garden will look like a pink land with beautiful purple-pink flowers. 

Put Mulch To Preserve Moisture

Once you keep the soil ready to plant Magnolias, apply a layer of organic mulch on the soil. Magnolias need moisture in drought seasons to survive. Applying Mulch on the soil conceals the roots by conserving the soil moisture, and maintains soil temperature.

Create Beautiful Borders

Designing the pathway border is a way to make your walkway look more appealing and beautiful. Whether you like to have a stone border or pebbles or bricks or a concrete set up, make sure it complements your garden look.

Varieties of Magnolia Trees:

Bottom Line

So, with Magnolias, you can make your garden walkway fit for a queen walk. If you want to explore more varieties of Magnolia like teddy bear magnolia, Visit Online Plants today.

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