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Growth & Pruning Tips For Magnolia Trees

Growth & Pruning Tips For Magnolia Trees

From creamy white blossoms to pink-hued ones, Magnolia trees are gardeners favourite. Its evergreen foliage and the ability to grow in less favorable conditions is which makes Magnolias a preferable pick. If you are looking for an ornamental tree to beautify your garden space, adding a Magnolia tree to your garden would be a great choice. There are about 100+ varieties of Magnolia trees; know how to care & prune them. Also, know the tips which will make them healthy & look beautiful.

How To Care A Magnolia?

Magnolia trees can grow happily in partial to full sun, however, you should keep the soil wet. The roots must get the required moisture for plant growth. It is always good to water them regularly when they are young until they attain a full established growth. Trimming also would keep them in shape as the branches may stretch, cross, and rub each other. You should remove any crossed branches or diseased branches to keep them in their original shape.  

Also, ensure not to trim too much, otherwise, you would end up injuring the bark of the tree. Use a sharp lopper to do the pruning work. Avoid pruning a matured tree, unless you want to remove a dead branch. Because, if the bark is injured by the lawnmower or trimmer, the tree would suffer from severe wounds, and also insects can make a way to ruin your tree.

Growing Tips

  • Using compost to make the soil nutrient-rich will help grow well. Also if the soil is slightly acidic, it will induce the growth of the Magnolia.

  • Lighter pruning is recommended.

  • Keep the tree away from unwanted flies and insects. To do so, use a lawnmower or a string trimmer to cut off the excess weeds that surround the tree. Because insects can make a way to annoy the tree.

  • Keep the soil as wet as possible and do not over water them.

Varieties of Magnolia Trees:

If you spy a beautiful magnolia tree beside your neighbourhood and would love to get one for your home, look nowhere. Head straight to Online Plants to explore the beautiful varieties of Magnolia and add it to your garden today.

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