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What’s The Best Magnolia Tree For Your Garden?
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What’s The Best Magnolia Tree For Your Garden?

The Magnolia is one of the most welcome arrivals of a garden in early spring. These evergreen and deciduous plants make a magnificent statement in any garden. With so many different varieties to choose from, you can easily find a magnolia to suit your backyard. One of the best yet the most interesting things about magnolias is that they have a shallow root system, meaning that they won’t bother underground pipes, foundations or footing as many other trees do. Here, let’s talk about a few popular varieties of magnolia that would be the best fit for your garden.

Magnolia Little Gem:

If you are looking for a smaller version of magnolia, then the little gem magnolia would be the perfect tree for your yard. This plant produces large, characteristic fragrant, creamy white saucer-shaped flowers that are about 8 inches wide. They have oblong leaves which are about 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. Though it can reach 6 metre at maturity, they can be pruned as per your preferred height.

Magnolia Teddy Bear:

If you want to give a formal yet stunning contemporary look for your doorways or courtyards, then this Magnolia teddy bear plants can be your perfect choice. This smaller evergreen tree produces rounder dark green leaves with contrasting bronze under-leaf. They give rise to lemon-scented flowers from late spring through summer. Their dense foliage makes them ideal for being used as borders, hedges and screening. Capable of growing up to 4 to 5 metre tall, this teddy bear plant ensures privacy and noise reduction.

Magnolia Black Tulip:

If you are on the hunt for an outstanding, elegant specimen tree, you can’t go wrong with this Magnolia Black Tulip tree. As the darkest and most dramatic variety of Magnolia, it produces deep burgundy red blooms of six inches long before the foliage emerges in early spring. While it can grow to a height of six metre long, it can be pruned to your preferred height to form a hedge.

Popular Magnolia: Magnolia Teddy Bear, Magnolia VulcanMagnolia Stellata Star MagnoliaMagnolia Star WarsMagnolia SoulangeanaMagnolia Lillyflora Nigra and more

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