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Medium Hedging and Screen Plants
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Medium Hedging and Screen Plants

Medium hedges and screen plants

If you are looking for a garden hedge that will also act as a screen, then between one and two metres is often the perfect height. There is a lot of choices available in terms of the types of hedges that you can purchase for your garden. Some of the most popular hedges that grow to around 2mt high are featured below.
Screen plants are a great alternative to structural fences and walls. They are cheaper and far easier to construct. You don’t need a council permit to plant a screen as opposed to building a fence screen. Of course it actually looks better, and adds value to your home.
Some of the more popular medium screen plants are featured here:
Photinia Super hedge:

Terrific example of the ever popular Photinia species, this new release form has improved durability and density. Low maintenance and a wonderful deep rich red foliage colour in Autumn, combined with soft white flowers in Spring. Plant Super hedge photinia at 80cm intervals for a thick privacy screen within a few years of planting. Photinia Super Hedge is available from Online Plants.
Westringia fruticosa Naringa:

The silvery/grey tones of this hardy shrub are a wonderful contrast for the garden. Growing to 1.5mt at maturity.  Consider Westringia fructosa Naringa in any garden situation for hedging. Fast growing and tolerant of frost, drought and coastal salt conditions. This is a new improved form of the Coastal Rosemary. 
The pale mauve star flowers in spring and summer are an added bonus, light trimming will help them stay bushy, but is not overly necessary. Westringia Naringa is available from Online Plants for delivery to your door.
Gardenia Florida:

If you are looking for a hedge that also has flowers and has a stunning fragrance, then the Gardenia Florida can be a great choice. It has silky white flowers which grow in the spring and summer and these flowers give off a lovely scent. It will need pruning twice per year to maintain the shape of the hedge. Wonderful hedge plant for lining garden beds that lead to your home entrance or planted as borders at the front door. Some mulching will help as Gardenia like a slightly moist environment.
Syzygium Bush Christmas:

Lower growing from of Lilly Pilly to 1.5mt. Syzygium Bush Christmas keeps a dense, tight habit with out pruning.  Pysllid resistant and very hardy, Severe frost can damage the foliage, however usually the temperature would have to drop below -5 for damage to occur.  Can be a bit slower growing, but well worth considering. Other Lilly Pilly varieties as medium screen plants to consider are the Acmena Cherry Surprise and Syzygium Winter Lights.
Fargesia Luscious:

A fine leafed bamboo form which is smaller growing and importantly non-invasive.  Ideal for a slightly sheltered hedging area, and as with most bamboo species,  keep moist.
Trim to shape as needed, and plant at 1mt intervals. Fast growing. The lime green foliage is a wonderful offset to the usual dark greens in the garden. Consider pleaching, or pruning the bottom half for an unusual effect. Fargesia Luscious are available from Online Plants

This is a preliminary list of some of our favourite medium screen plants, for a more comprehensive list visit Online Plants hedging plants specialists. Or for any advice email: 

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