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Evergreen Magnolia – Find Out!
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Evergreen Magnolia – Find Out!

Magnolias have been a beloved tree for gardeners. Be their aesthetics, they calm minds with their ethereal charm & some varieties are edible too. In today’s blog, we explore the tastiest of Magnolia. More than an ornamental tree or shrub, which you pick up from an online plant nursery melbourne, they make a cool pick for salads & dressings. From pink to pink-purple, light pink and creamy, most species of Magnolia are bitter & you may even wonder why one should eat Magnolia. The very thought was instigated by a Chinese YouTuber LiziQi, who prepared Magnolia fries using Pink Magnolia Petals, eggs & Flour. The video aroused culinary experts, dieticians & cooking lovers to know more about the edible nature of Magnolia use. Here you go!

Magnolia Kobus

This Magnolia variety is native to Japan & its flowers and buds are used to prepare tea. The dried flowers are powdered & used for seasoning to amp up the flavour in salads & toppings.

Magnolia Grandiflora

Magnolia Grandiflora is also an edible flowering tree where the flowers are pickled and eaten in some regions. People even make fresh soups & teas to enjoy the flower’s intense flavour.

Magnolia Denudata

If you’re a fan of pickles, Magnolia Denudata is used to make delicious pickles and sides for main course dishes like rice.

Magnolia Lilliflora

If you want to have Magnolia all year round, Magnolia Lilliflora can be a great option. You can dry the flower petals & powder or crush as a seasoning on foods you love. If you love a pungent flavour on your foods, Magnolia Lilliflora is also used in place of ginger.

Magnolia Hypoleuca

The young flower & buds of Magnolia Hypoleuca can be boiled and eaten as salad. Not only are the flowers are edible, but even the leaves are also used in Barbecue & dried for seasoning and topping in smoothies.

Popular MagnoliaMagnolia Little Gem, Magnolia Teddy Bear, Port Wine Magnolia, Michelia Yunannense Scented Pearl, Magnolia Black Tulip, Magnolia Denudata, Magnolia Grandiflora Kay Parris, Magnolia Grandiflora, Magnolia Lilliflora Nigra, Magnolia Pink Pearl, Magnolia Soulangeana, Magnolia Star Wars, Magnolia Stellata Star and more

Though more species are edible & have medicinal properties, you can always get help from plant nurseries Melbourne to help you get the one need. If you want to pick the best Magnolia variety, Visit Online Plants today.

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