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November is good for planting Magnolias – Know Why?
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November is good for planting Magnolias – Know Why?

We’re sure the title intrigued you & you are here to read. So, let’s get to the point. We have spoken enough about the beauty, edible uses and varieties of Magnolias & which online plant nursery Melbourne you should buy them and much more. The way they make the garden a desirable spot, their edible uses – (i.e. Magnolia tea & fried flowers) aromatic uses and you all might have got fascinated by these ethereal beauties. Today we’re going to tell you why November is ideal for planting Magnolia at your home. Let’s get started.


Spring is the most favourable time for Magnolias as the moisture, warmth and soil lead them to grow. They spell magic on Magnolias with beautiful blooms. If the soil is thin or runny, make sure to mulch to lock in the moisture. In summer you’re going to enjoy a beautiful garden filled with Magnolias.

They’re Adaptable

If you plant them in late winter, it enables them to establish their roots into the soil & they will grow strong when spring arrives. Magnolias are drought-tolerant but need moist soil with warmth in it.

Spring is their time

You can grow Magnolias in spring as it's ideal for their fast growth & ensure to feed them with seaweed & organic fertiliser for healthy & dense growth. During spring, watch out for snails & slugs in spring that takes a chance on your young & growing Magnolia. If you have dwarf Magnolia, ensure to put them in large pots.

Stars Born In November

They say stars are born in November & it's true that the common Magnolia species that grow during spring is the Star Magnolia – A distinct & beautiful low-flowering shrub that makes it easier for you to get to the flowers. With a heavenly scent fills the air with aroma & needless to say, you’ll love being in your garden mostly than indoors.

Popular Magnolia: Magnolia Teddy Bear, Magnolia VulcanMagnolia Stellata Star MagnoliaMagnolia Star WarsMagnolia SoulangeanaMagnolia Lillyflora Nigra and more

Bottom Line

If you love Magnolias and their charming appeal, Online Plants has an impressive collection & it’s time for you to add them into your home garden. For more information, visit Online Plants Melbourne today.

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