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Add Grevilleas To Your Garden This Winter
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Add Grevilleas To Your Garden This Winter

As winter is around the corner, you might have started baking cookies, cleaning the house, vacuuming the carpets and trimming your garden and so on. However, if you want to give your winter garden a beautiful addition amidst your entire busy schedule, Grevillea are a sure pick for your garden. This beautiful Australian native plants gives rise to beautiful flowers & bloom in every colour ranging from pink & purple to cream, yellow and orange. Their flower shapes look like a bottle brush or a coloured spider. There are many winter varieties of Grevillea that can adorn your garden like a queen and offer a colourful impact on a snowy morning. So, let’s get to know our beauties now.

Grevillea ‘Lady O’

‘Lady O’ is a hardy & frost-tolerant Grevillea variety that grows up to 1.5m tall and 2m wide. It produces spider-like flowers that are bright red and continues to bloom throughout the year. With minimal care, you can grow this medium-sized shrub in your garden. It also invites small birds and can be used as a feature plant to highlight your small fountains, rock gardens, and pebbled pathways. 

Grevillea Crimson Villea

What can be a heavenly sight than looking at a cluster of crimson-red flowers? This Grevillea variety is popular winter plant blooms during the cooler months. This shrub is compact and grows up to 80cm tall and wide. You can hedge your trees with this beauty for a dreamy look. 

Grevillea Cherry Cluster

If you want to invite birds to rest in your place, then have this beauty occupy your rock garden. It gives rise to striking cherry coloured flowers and would be a spectacular sight to watch. This variety usually grows from autumn to early spring and can be grown in mass plantings.

Varieties: Grevillea MoonlightGrevillea Apricot GlowGrevillea RosmarinifoliaGrevillea Coconut IceGrevillea FireworksGrevillea Copper CrestGrevillea Clearview DavidGrevillea Bonnie Prince CharlesGrevillea Deua FlameGrevillea IvanhoeGrevillea Gaudi Chaudii

There are many more Grevilleas on the line. If you want to buy grevillea plants online, visit Online Plants today.

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