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How To Look After Your Lilly Pilly Hedge?
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How To Look After Your Lilly Pilly Hedge?

Whether you’re planning to buy Lilly Pilly or have Lilly Pilly your home, you know that they grow as a hedge, offers privacy and are the best plant for a dense hedge. However, at times, you need to know that insects like sap-sucking insects will leave lumps on the leaves & distort the plant growth. Also, it’s important to look after them to enjoy their lush-green growth beautiful amber leaves. When it is affected by sap-sucking insects, the damage is aesthetic; it can ruin the entire plant growth. If your Lilly Pilly is struggling with this infestation or you’re protective about the plant, follow these tips to prevent your Lilly Pilly.

Keep Them Healthy

If you are a green-thumbed person, you need to keep your Lilly Pilly healthy & well-fed. When the plant is poor due to lack of maintenance or food, they are far more susceptible to infestations. So, water them well during summer and spring and cover them with mulch under each plant to lock moisture.

Plant Food

Apart from sunlight & water, it needs food to grow well. So, invest in organic compost or fertilisers and feed them once a week or maybe once in twice a week to keep them healthy and immune.

Insect Spray

If your Lilly Pilly is infested by plant-eating or sap-sucking insects, ensure to remove the leaves or even the whole hedge. If it is partly affected, buy an insect spray like Maverick and spray on leaves every 2 weeks until you see a change on the leaves. As it's spring, make sure to spray some water on the leaves often to keep them hydrated.

Trim & Clean The Hedge

Whenever you see a badly damaged leaf, make sure to get rid of them and keep them clean and litter-free.

Lilly Pilly Varieties:

When you follow the above tips, your Lilly Pilly will stay in good shape and condition. If you are planning to add Lilly Pilly, buy from Online Plants Melbourne & know these possible insect attacks to prevent your Lilly Pilly.

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