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Make An Edible Hedge With Lilly Pilly – Here’s How?
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Make An Edible Hedge With Lilly Pilly – Here’s How?

Whether you want a beautiful edible hedge to look at or grow your hedge for privacy from neighbours, the small-leaf Lilly Pilly is just the one you need. They produce beautiful red coloured pear-like berries that are used to make jams and salads. As one of the edible hedge, this striking ornamental shrub – Australian Cherry is ideal for your hedging purposes. After all, who doesn’t like a hedge filled with colourful butterflies, birds and tasty fruits? They are low maintenance and can be easily pruned. The best part is, they are hardy and frost tolerant, meaning that you don’t have to put on much work to protect your hedge, prune them and ensure the soil is healthy & nutrient-rich. 

Before you plan a hedge, ensure that you check the soil as Lilly Pillies require warm and moist soil. While planting, dig the sand twice the size of the root, and enrich it with organic fertilisers.

If you have any favourite hedge shape, ask a cultivar or plant nursery Melbourne staff to guide you out in planting. Once established, you can prune them regularly to maintain the shape. 

You can make your small garden look large and colourful with Lilly Pilly, as it gives rise to beautiful red berries, which you can eat and use in salads and jams. 

The best part of having a Lilly Pilly is, they can provide a beautiful look, control noise pollution and increase privacy from outsiders. It also purifies the air and fills your house with clean air.

If you want a cleaner lilly pilly hedge, make sure to prune the Lilly Pilly often as required. You can have your desired shape by pruning them carefully. 

When you choose the right Lilly Pilly variety for your garden, you can wait and enjoy lush green blooms, flowers and tasty berries and the sight of hummingbirds and butterflies.

Lilly Pilly Varieties:


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