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How To Grow Magnolia Trees In Your Yard
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How To Grow Magnolia Trees In Your Yard

With large, white and fragrant blossoms, the appeal of a magnolia tree is magnificent. These attractive trees feature glossy green leaves and bright orange-red berries which are savoured by birds and wildlife creatures as well. If you would like to adorn your landscape with these trees, you must learn how to plant and care for magnolia.  


Magnolia, one of the loveliest ornamental tree species, will tolerate soggy, wet soil. In fact, these trees grow well in moist rich yet slightly acidic soil. As a part of your magnolia tree care, you must water them regularly to keep the soil moist.


Although pruning is not necessary for magnolia trees, trimming will improve their health and encourage more blooms. Of course, magnolias should be trimmed only when they are young. The mature plants will not recover from pruning and may sustain fatal wounds.

How To Trim Or Prune Magnolia Trees?

If you are ready to prune magnolia trees, always do it with cheap and sharp shears or loppers. Remove all the dead, diseased and injured branches without tearing or injuring the bark. If you don’t have proper tools and experience, you can take the help of landscaping professionals.

What Are The Popular Varieties Of Magnolia Trees In Australia?

Where to Buy Plants Online In Australia?

If you would like to buy Magnolia trees online, look no further than Online Plants. As a leading plants nursery online, we have different species of Magnolia plants to choose from. All you need to do is to explore our inventory, pick the plants and place your order. You can get the plants delivered at your door step with our quick delivery service. What next? Give us a ring or place your order online. 

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