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How to Care for Cordyline?
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How to Care for Cordyline?

Indoor plants can bring style and charm to your space. That’s why you need to pick ornamental plants to enhance your indoors. If you’re planning to add some beautiful, yet low-maintenance, Cordyline can be a good addition. They have a striking appearance and are available in multiple colours like red, white, green and purple. Online Plants Melbourne has the best varieties of Cordyline available at the best price. So, if you’re searching online, try visiting their website for some good deals. Coming to our Cordyline, they have long thin leaves, which make them the prettiest. Taking care of Cordyline is relatively easy. We are going to tell you how to take care of your Cordyline.

Cordyline Thrive Well on Sun

Cordyline is a tropical shrub that prefers warm temperatures above 50 degrees. So, if you place them inside the bathroom or near them, make sure they receive plenty of sunlight to thrive well.

Requires High-Level Humidity

They also need high levels of humidity to grow. So, if you are keeping them in a planter box, place them on the pebble stones. Make sure the pebble stones have moisture. When you keep them outdoors, ensure they get some shade as well.

Great Pot Plants

Though Cordyline is known to grow larger on the ground, they are great pot plants too. All you need to ensure is that the planter is not watery. Another benefit would be you can place them out during the warmer months and inside in cooler months.

They Prefer Less Water

Cordyline doesn’t require much water, less moisture is enough. You must water them only when the top of the soil is dry. Also, you must check the bottom of the planter to ensure they are not soaked completely. Otherwise, the roots will rot soon.

They Need Fertilizers

Cordyline requires fertilizer during its growing season. Cordyline's growing season is between March & September. You can even buy recommended organic fertilizers and apply them as instructed in the package. While doing this, ensure the soil is a little dry from the last watering.

 If you follow these care instructions, your Cordyline will thrive well and keeps up the appeal. And if you need to buy Cordyline for your home or office, visit Online Plants in Eltham, North Victoria, Melbourne. For any other queries or information, mail us at

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