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5 Interesting Facts About Eucalyptus - You Must Know

5 Interesting Facts About Eucalyptus - You Must Know

This evergreen tall tree is known as a gum tree as it produces honey-like gum at its bark. These species are cultivated for its shade, and it is widely used for forest plantations. These trees attain great height and its bark differs from species to species. Some trees have flaky barks and some have rainbow effect barks that are attractive. Though Eucalyptus gum trees give shelter to animals and birds, its fruits are non-edible. The oil from the leaves is used in medicines and aromatic purposes. It is primarily used in inhalants and pain balms. Of all these have something interesting, read on to know more.

Features of Eucalyptus Gum Tree

  • Eucalyptus gum tree offers a great deal of visual appeal with its beautiful flowers, leaves, and fragrance.

  • Its leaves vary from long elongated to short and round.

  • Flowers vary from species to species 

Home Cleanser

Eucalyptus offers a strong aroma, which is been used by spas, and rejuvenation centres for its aroma and cleansing abilities. Some people use Eucalyptus oil for removing tough stains and spills. It acts both as a cleanser and refreshing ailment.

Let Your Carpet Smell Good

Eucalyptus sprays can be used to clean your carpets, and it offers a sweet smell that eradicates any bad odours from the carpet.

Eucalyptus Flowers

It is high in nectar and a food source for nectar birds, pollinators, and insects. This winter-blooming flowers will beautify the areas with their vibrant colours.

Pollution Control

Eucalyptus trees play a major role in controlling particle pollution. No wonder, you could see the dust particles get settled on the leaves and keep it away from us.

Pain killer and Antiseptic

Oil from Eucalyptus is used for relieving any muscle pains, and it is also applied topically to heal any burns or cuts on your skin. 

Varieties: Eucalyptus Ficifolia Red Flowering GumEucalyptus Maculata Spotted GumEucalyptus Alpina Grampians Gum, Eucalyptus Camaldulensis River Red GumEucalyptus Cladoclayx Bushy Sugar GumEucalyptus Elata River White GumEucalyptus Euky DwarfEucalyptus Lehmannii Bushy YateEucalyptus Macrandra Long - Flowered Marlock, Eucalyptus Obliqua Stringy Bark, Eucalyptus Nicholii Peppermint GumEucalyptus Melliodora Yellow BoxEucalyptus Purple Patch, Eucalyptus Polythanmeos Red BoxEucalyptus Ovata Swamp GumEucalyptus Leucoxylon Rosea Red Flowering GumEucalyptus Little Star, Eucalyptus Little Spotty, Eucalyptus Honey PotsEucalyptus Caesia Silver PrincessEucalyptus Sideroxylon Rosea Pink Flower IronbarkEucalyptus Viminalis Manna ribbon GumEucalyptus Radiata Narrow-Leaved PeppermintEucalyptus Pulchella White Peppermint, Eucalyptus Pauciflora Little Snowman

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