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Eucalyptus Elata River White Gum

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The Eucalyptus elata, commonly known as the River White Gum, is a majestic evergreen tree native to southeastern Australia. Standing tall with a height of up to 60 meters, its smooth, pale bark displays a striking contrast against its lance-shaped, dark green leaves. The tree produces stunning white flowers, attracting a plethora of native wildlife, including birds and koalas. Possessing adaptability and resilience, the River White Gum thrives along riverbanks and in moist environments, contributing significantly to the ecological balance of its habitat. A symbol of natural beauty and ecological importance, this eucalyptus species remains cherished and protected for generations to come.
A most beautiful medium sized tree featuring leafy drooping branches. Erect rough barked trunk with smooth white bark at tips. Favours fertile alluvial soils, and moist but well drained site. Fast growing. 
High levels of peppermint oil which provide a pleasant aroma on warm days. Cluster of white blossom open along stems, Spring to Summer. 
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