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Eucalyptus Leucoxylon Rosea Red flowering yellow gum

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pot size: 20cm
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Eucalyptus leucoxylon is a medium-sized tree which reaches 10-30 metres in height. The bark is retained on the lower trunk but the upper trunk and branches are smooth-barked and cream to grey in colour. . The adult leaves are lance-shaped to about 200 mm long. The flowers are usually seen in autumn and winter and may be white, cream, pink or red.
Eucalyptus leucoxylon Rosea, commonly known as Red flowering yellow gum, is a striking Australian tree renowned for its showy red flowers. It thrives in well-draining soil and prefers a sunny location.
Plant it in spring or autumn, ensuring it has enough space to grow, as it can reach heights of up to 15 meters. Regular watering is necessary during the establishment period, but once established, it can tolerate dry conditions. Pruning is recommended to promote a compact shape. With its beautiful flowers and attractive foliage, Eucalyptus leucoxylon Rosea adds a vibrant touch to gardens and landscapes.
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