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Eucalyptus Lehmannii Bushy Yate

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pot size: 25cm
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Eucalyptus Lehmannii, commonly known as Bushy Yate, is an Australian native tree characterized by its dense, bushy foliage and attractive yellow flowers. Thrives in well-drained soils and prefers full sun. Its unique appearance and drought tolerance make it a popular choice for landscaping, providing both aesthetic and ecological benefits.
Evergreen small/medium tree, multi stemmed shrubby habit, large greenish yellow flowers in Winter, good hardy windbreak fire retardant. Prefers light to medium well drained soils, drought hardy, frost tender when young. Typical size 6-9m x 4m
Small, dense tree with a flat top. Characterized by light green, oval leaves that often turn red in summer. Bright green flowers grow in grow round, bunches from curved horn-shaped buds. Large seed capsules stay on the branches. The foliage of nearly all species has a strong pungent odor similar to menthol. Well drained soil is preferable.
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