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Magnolias Are Every Gardener's Favourite! - Know Why?

Magnolias Are Every Gardener's Favourite! - Know Why?

Not only plants, trees can beautify your garden as well. Well, how about a stretch of pink and white magnolias in your garden? Magnolia produce a wide variety of foliage and bloom with a wonderful appearance. Every gardener has their favourites when it comes to planting flowering trees, magnolias has a special place, and they are a wonderful addition to every garden for its impeccable beauty. If you want to know some facts about Magnolias, let's see some unique features of them.


  • Magnolias have the beautiful largest flowers of all the flowering trees and their spectacular branches come in pink, purple, and white.

  • Even when they don't flower, they look beautiful with small & light-green foliage, and others with large, glossy leaves are a delight to watch in the garden.

  • Many species of magnolias are very hardy, and others grow well in the hottest places, so there are choices for everyone, no matter where you live.

  • Their large flowers give an exotic, and provide a sweet note to gardens in cooler climates.

  • Their enormous and perfumed white flowers are used in decors and used to create bouquets as well. Flowers of this type can be grown even in cooler regions.

  • There are two main kinds of magnolia trees. One that shed their leaves in winter, will start to flower in early spring and only grow in cooler regions.

  • Magnolia teddy bear are evergreen and flower throughout summer and almost grow well in all conditions.

  • Regardless of the type & size of your garden, magnolia trees have lots to provide, and these trees will never let you down, it will become more beautiful with each year and you will be glad that you planted them earlier. 

  • Also, these showy trees are easy to grow and require less maintenance.

  • All they need is well-drained soil where they can thrive well. You should not make them stay wet for long periods of time as they will not tolerate the standing water but would remain moist throughout their growing season.


Popular Magnolia:   Magnolia Teddy BearMagnolia Stellata Star MagnoliaMagnolia Star WarsMagnolia SoulangeanaMagnolia Lillyflora Nigra and more


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