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Best Magnolia Trees That Money Can Buy

Best Magnolia Trees That Money Can Buy

If you have your eyes on Magnolia, you have landed rightly. Magnolia trees are the best addition to your garden. Be it for fencing or hedging, magnolias can bring more charm to your garden. These evergreen trees are known for their versatility and show-stopping flowers and foliage. They contrast the other green plants in the garden. There are many magnolia varieties in Australia available in a variety of sizes and colours. If you are looking out for a magnolia tree for sale online, we’ve put together the very best magnolia trees in Australia for your garden.  Let’s check it out.

Magnolia Grandiflora

If you need a small compact evergreen tree with dense foliage, Magnolia Grandiflora is the best option. It produces cream-coloured flowers with vibrant fragrances. They thrive in full sun and can be grown even in containers.  With adequate watering and fertile soil, these can grow well.  It reaches up to a height of 4-6m tall and 2-3m wide.  

 Magnolia Laevifolia

Magnolia Laevifoliacommonly known as White Caviar is a medium-sized evergreen shrub that grows up to 4m tall and is ideal for small compact spaces. It produces beautiful creamy white flowers with a pink hue at the center. Their glossy green leaves look dense and spread fragrance throughout the garden.

 Magnolia Bubbles

Magnolia Bubbles is a gorgeous evergreen tree with pointed glossy green leaves and white flowers with pink borders.  Whether you want to grow a statement piece in your garden or as a hedge, you can count on this small and compact tree.

 Magnolia Liliiflora

If you live in a tropical and temperate region, Magnolia Liliiflora is an evergreen tree with stunning pink flowers. Their deep green foliage and rosy-pink flowers make your entire garden look showy. It grows in all types of climate conditions.

Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia is an ornamental flowering shrub and an excellent choice for adding beauty to your garden. The star-shaped magnolias look beautiful and are renowned for their fragrance.

 If you want to buy Magnolia trees for sale or want to buy magnolia varieties, order from Online Plants. For magnolia tree delivery, call 0394241946 today.

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