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Tips To Take Care of Dianella Plants
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Tips To Take Care of Dianella Plants

Dianella, also called as flax lilly, is great for planting in garden and for landscaping. They look attractive with their strappy leaves, elegant blue flowers and bright purple berries. There are dozens of species available and are perfect for filling the empty spot in your garden. These plants have compact growth in different heights and foliage colours, ranging from light to dark green, grey and even in striped form.  

Planting Dianella:

Dianella are perfect to be planted in areas that receive full sun to party shade. To ensure their proper and healthy growth, plant them in rich fertile soil. As they require good drainage, it is extremely crucial to avoid planting them in heavy, clay soil. You can enrich the soil with manure or compost before planting to promote their healthy growth. Water the plants regularly and help retaining the moisture.

Benefits of Planting Dianella:

Dianella are drought and cold tolerant, which means that they need water only during their early stages. Once established, they can sustain drought and grow fast to fill the spot quickly. They produce underground stems and develop new shoots at a short distance from the main plant. Their clumping feature makes them an ideal choice for erosion control.

How To Take Care Of Them And Promote Their Growth?

Once the berries are produced, you can remove the flower spikes and yellowing or dead leaves periodically. You can dig up the clumps, divide them and plant separately as new plants. Autumn may be the right time to do this, but when you do this, make sure that you water the plants properly.

Popular Varieties Of Dianella:

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