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Dianella Blue Stream

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pot size: 14cm
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Dianella Blue Stream is the perfect size and compact shape for any commercial or residential garden. It has stunning blue foliage and masses of purple and yellow flowers from September to November.

Dianella Blue Stream is a striking perennial plant that adds a touch of elegance to any landscape. With its vibrant blue-green foliage and slender, arching stems, it creates a graceful and visually pleasing effect. This ornamental grass thrives in full sun to partial shade and is known for its resilience in various soil conditions. Its delicate blue flowers, borne in spring and summer, further enhance its allure. Dianella Blue Stream is a versatile choice, suitable for borders, containers, or as a ground cover, bringing beauty and charm to outdoor spaces.

Size: 50cm high x 40cm wide.
Uses: Mass planting or specimen planting. 
Position: Full sun to partial shade. Tolerates drought and cold. Prefers well drained soils, 
Plant in a well mulched garden 
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