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Liriope Plants Fact Sheet

Liriope Plants Fact Sheet

Liriope Plants for every garden

The humble Liriope is a wonderful addition to any Australian garden.  Ideal for low border hedging, bright and colourful year-round,  They also make excellent potted specimens.  Plant in a low bowl, overhanging the sides, or en-masse surrounding specimen plants such as espalier or standards. 
Liriope species are evergreen and typically frost and drought resistant.  They are low maintenance and tolerate and thrive in full sun, or partial shade in all soil types.  A very versatile plant which is used extensively as a lawn alternative. Some of the new hybridized forms such as Liriope Lucky are particularly useful as a grass substitute.
Plant Liriope in all states of Australia.
Liriope‘s common name is Creeping Lilyturf, and this best describes its spreading habit that creeps along by underground stems.
Though Liriope will grow in and tolerate full sun, it will flourish if given some partial shade. Full sun and high temperatures can cause yellowing of Liriope in the summer heat.
Liriope should be planted at 30cm intervals and you can divide every three to four years if you desire to increase your plant numbers. The division is not necessary if you don’t want to increase the overall quantity. If using Liriope as a lawn alternative, make sure the crown of the plant near the soil line is not injured when mowing, since this is where new growth originates.  Mowing once or twice per year is all that is required.
Liriope pests and maintenance:
Liriope can be affected by small snails and slugs.  Often you won’t see them, however, if the foliage is getting skeletonised then most likely snails are causing the damage.
Use Baysol at the recommended rate, don’t overuse.  Keep away from pets and children.
Liriope can yellow off in summer, so the use of liquid fertiliser like seasol is recommended.  A handful of organic fertiliser per square meter is also useful.
Liriope species available to purchase online in Australia

Liriope Amethyst
Liriope Emerald Cascade
Liriope Evergreen Giant
Liriope Isabella
Liriope Muscari Purple
Liriope Royal Purple
Liriope Samantha
Liriope Variegata
Liriope Big Blue
Liriope Elmarco
Liriope Lucky
Liriope Munroe White

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