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Liriope Isabella

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‘Isabella’ is a fine leaf compact spreading Liriope that has beautiful pink flowers. Ideal for garden borders, as a specimen plant and mass planting. Looks great planted around stepping stones. Tolerates frost, drought and humidity. Is suitable for full sun or heavy shade position in any soil types. Water well until established.
Isabella® Liriope muscari 'LIRF' PBR is a type of Liriope, a popular plant used as a lawn alternative or garden border. It has several advantages over other varieties, such as Mondo, particularly in full sun conditions in various regions of Australia. 

Description: Isabella® Liriope is a compact, fine-leafed plant that spreads. It features beautiful pink flowers and requires only one mow per year. It is commonly used as a lawn alternative due to its low-maintenance nature.

Performance: Isabella® Liriope outperforms Mondo in full sun, drought, and frost conditions. It has better resilience and recovers well from damage.
Planting: For a full coverage lawn, it is recommended to plant 6 per square meter, which will take around 18-24 months to fill in. For quicker coverage, you can plant 12 per square meter, which will result in a full lawn in approximately 9-12 months. For garden borders, the suggested density is 4-8 plants per linear meter.

Size: When grown as a lawn and mown once a year, Isabella® Liriope reaches a height of around 15-20 cm and a width of 20-30 cm. When allowed to grow without mowing, it can reach a height of 40 cm and a width of 50 cm.

Uses: Isabella® Liriope is versatile and can be used as a lawn alternative in both sunny and heavily shaded areas. It is also suitable for garden borders, specimen planting, mass planting, and works well around stepping stones.

Position and Care: Isabella® Liriope can tolerate a wide range of conditions, from full sun to 90% shade. It is also tolerant of frost, drought, and humidity. It can grow in all soil types. It is recommended to water the plant as required for 8-13 weeks until it becomes established. If not used as a lawn alternative, it is advised to plant it in a well-mulched garden, preferably with chunky mulch. Slow-release fertilizer can be applied in spring if necessary. Mowing or cutting back the plant once a year is recommended, preferably in July to August. However, if mowing is not possible, new growth will cover any discolored leaves by spring or summer.

Suitable Regions: Isabella® Liriope is known to thrive in New South Wales (NSW), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Tasmania (TAS), and the Northern Territory (NT).

Overall, Isabella® Liriope is a low-maintenance, fine-leafed plant that works well as a lawn alternative or garden border. It has good performance in full sun, drought, and frost conditions, and it is suitable for various regions across Australia.

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