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Grow Different Banksia Species
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Grow Different Banksia Species

Banksia flowers are native Australia where they are much appreciated for their beauty, drought resistance and versatility. They are unique plants with stunning flowers that blossom non-stop, they are easily recognised by their flower spikes and cone-like fruits and include a diverse plant family. According to the Australian National Herbarium, there are approximately 173 recorded Banksia species occurring naturally and only in Australia 

How to Grow Banksia 

Growing Banksia is easy if you provide full sunlight, excellent air circulation and well-drained soil. Growing Banksia comprises of the same steps for all species; nonetheless, different species require different conditions for them to blossom and do well. Below are steps that you can follow to successfully grow your Banksia: 

Step 1: Choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil and enrich the soil with soil improve or plant fertilizers. 

Step 2: Prepare the planting hole and ensure its twice as wide and to the same depth as the root-ball, remove the shrub from the container/bag and gently tease the roots. 

Step 3: Ensure it's well positioned in the hole then fill it with soil, firmly but gently. Ensure you form around like ring of soil around the plant so that water may flow well where it's needed most. 

Step 4:Mulch around the base of the shrub with organic mulch such as wood chips, pea straw and the likes keeping it away from the trunk. 

Step 5: Make sure you water it regularly that is once or twice a week until its established and then water as required. 

Varieties: Banksia Birthday Candles, Banksia Blechnifolia Fern Leaf, Banksia Ericifolia Dwarf, Banksia Ericifolia Heath LeavedBanksia Honeypots, Banksia Integrifolia, Banksia MarginataBanksia Petiolaris Creeping, Banksia Rose White Alba, Banksia Rose Yellow Lutea, Banksia Serrata Saw

 Different Conditions for Different Species 

Banksia Ashby: It likes well-drained lime and moist soil, it highly tolerates light frosts, prefers to avoid humidity and does well in semi-arid areas. 

Banksia Conferta: Its cultivation has been limited, however, it does best in rocky slopes. 

Banksia dryandroides: This species likes partly shaded positions and with perfect drainage in rockery areas.

Banksia Nutans: It's not reliable in humid climates, it's more reliable when grafted on to Banksia Ericifolia and it has high cases of successful cultivation. 

Banksia oblongifolia: This species is very much adaptable and can grow in most soils. It highly responds to pruning for shape. 

Banksia Ornata: It needs excellent drainage, dry soil and full sunlight it also tolerates drought. 

Banksia Serrata: It adapts most soils, does best in full sunlight but it's important to note that it tolerates partial sunlight. It doesn’t do well in high alkaline and badly drained soils. 

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