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Banksia integrifolia, Coastal Banksia

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A medium sized tree with rough, fissured, grey bark and dull green leaves. The Banksia integrifolia produces a mass of long, pale yellow flower spikes from autumn until spring. Can grow to 10mt tall and will adapt to coastal conditions. Ideally suited to the bayside region in Melbourne from St.Kilda, Brighton, Sandringham down to Frankston etc. 
Plant in full sun or part shade and well-drained soil. Banksia integrifolia, commonly known as coast banksia, is a species of tree or shrub that belongs to the family Proteaceae. It is native to the east coast of Australia, from Queensland to Victoria, and is commonly found in coastal areas.
The Coast Banksia can grow up to 10 meters tall, but typically grows as a smaller tree or shrub in exposed coastal locations. It has leathery, dark green leaves that are elliptical or lance-shaped, and produces large, cylindrical flower spikes that are yellow or greenish-yellow in color.
The Coast Banksia is an important species for the ecology of coastal areas, providing food and shelter for a range of birds, insects, and mammals. It is also used in horticulture as an ornamental plant, particularly in coastal gardens. The tree is drought-tolerant and prefers well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. It is also able to tolerate salt spray and coastal winds. Banksia integrifolia can tolerate coastal winds and salt spray, but it may need protection from strong inland winds. Banksia integrifolia needs full sun to grow well. It can tolerate some shade, but it will not flower as well in shaded conditions.
Overall, Banksia integrifolia is a hardy plant that is relatively easy to grow in the right conditions. It is a great choice for coastal gardens or for revegetation projects in coastal areas.
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