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Banksia Ericifolia Heath Leaved Banksia

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Banksia ericifolia, commonly known as Heath-leaved Banksia, is a captivating evergreen shrub native to eastern Australia. Its unique characteristics make it a standout in any garden or landscape. The plant features narrow, needle-like leaves resembling heath plants, which can be used as cut flowers. 
It produces striking cylindrical flower spikes that can reach impressive lengths, adorned with dense clusters of bright golden-yellow flowers. These blooms are a magnet for nectar-feeding birds, including honeyeaters and lorikeets, enhancing the garden's allure with their vibrant presence and delightful bird activity.
Banksia ericifolia prefers well-drained soil and full sun exposure. Its hardy nature allows it to tolerate drought and coastal conditions, making it a resilient and versatile choice for various environments. With its distinctive foliage and eye-catching flowers, this Banksia species adds a touch of Australian beauty and ecological value to any landscape.
Banksia ericifolia, or Heath-leaved Banksia, typically grows to a height of 6-15 feet (2-5 meters) with a spread of 3-10 feet (1-3 meters). To grow it, choose a sunny location with well-drained soil. Plant in the spring or fall, and water regularly until established. Once established, it is drought-tolerant. Prune lightly to maintain shape and remove spent flower spikes. Provide protection from frost in colder climates. This resilient and visually striking Banksia species will thrive with proper care, adding an Australian touch to your garden.
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