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Everything About The Magnificent Magnolia
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Everything About The Magnificent Magnolia

Nothing brings life to your home like fresh magnolias. Especially, during the springtime, it would be a spectacular scene to watch the colourful pink blooms everywhere around the garden. Magnolias create a serene atmosphere, and that is why many gardeners prefer having them in their garden. If you love magnolia and want to grow them in your backyard, you can buy from online plant nursery Melbourne and get your favourite Magnolia delivered to you. Here, in this blog, we are going to look at the history, medicinal, commercial, and edible uses of Magnolia. Let us get started.


Magnolias are one of the world’s oldest flowering trees ever known. It produces blue, pink, white and creamy flowers. These flowers have a beautiful aroma similar to that of citrus fruits, and it is a mood booster, which you can grow right outside your house. Their fragrances are loved by many people and the flowers have a waxy texture. There are about 210 species of magnolias in the world. They are named after a French botanist Pierre Magnolia and have been around for hundreds of decades.

Commercial Uses

Fresh magnolias can make great gifts. They are often used in wedding & birthday bouquets. Sometimes, you can be a florist by creating your magnolia bouquet with some greenery from the garden. You can keep the flowers in water as long as possible & wrap the ends in a wet paper towel or sponge. Ensure the stems are put inside the craft paper, where you can wrap them up, and tie the bottom with a ribbon, twine or a string, allowing the blooms to reach the fresh air. It is not used in bouquets, but also traditional home decors and wedding floral arrangements.

Medicinal & Edible Uses

  • Chinese consume magnolia where they use them in their salads, fries, and as toppings.

  • Some species of magnolias are used in cough syrups and used to treat congestions as well.

  • Barks of Magnolia’s decoctions are used to treat severe fever

Popular Magnolia: Magnolia Teddy BearMagnolia Stellata Star MagnoliaMagnolia Star WarsMagnolia SoulangeanaMagnolia Lillyflora Nigra and more

Bottom Line

Now you’ve come to know the uses of Magnolia, you don’t have to wait or search for Magnolia, just order one from Online Plants & take your favourite Magnolia home.

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