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Bring Beauty To Your Landscape With The Popular Varieties Of Ornamental Pear Trees

Bring Beauty To Your Landscape With The Popular Varieties Of Ornamental Pear Trees

The ornamental pear trees, known for their showy flowers and stunning leaf colour, possess unique characteristics, making them ideal for garden centerpieces. In addition to their decorative attributes, they are easy to care for. Most of the ornamental pear trees boast a rounded shape with a low or high spreading canopy. These deciduous trees develop dark green ovate leaves and dark brown to light green bark. They also produce gorgeous leaves in different shades of purple, bronze and red. Though they prefer moist soil, they grow well in all soil types and can withstand cold, hot and dry conditions. Ornamental pears are resistant to most pests and diseases. 

Features Of Ornamental Pears:

  • Deciduous trees with a rounded shape and erect-growing habit

  • Recognised for their ornamental attribute

  • Produce elegant white flowers in spring and winter

  • Produce small, pome-type fruit in summer

  • Produce leaves in red, purple and bronze shade

  • Tolerate hot, cold and dry conditions

  • Resistant to most pests and diseases

  • Grow well in all soil types and pH levels. 

  • Prefer moderate to dense shade

  • Grow up to 15 metres high

Popular Varieties of Ornamental Pears:

  • Pyrus Calleryana Capital:

Perfect for in-row planting, Pyrus Calleryana Capital has a narrow growth habit, growing to a height of 11 to 12 metre and width of 1 to 3 metre. They produce luscious green leaves which turn to vibrant red or purple colour in autumn. This ornamental pear tree also brings lovely white flowers in spring followed by red coloured fruits. These plants are great for fencing, screening, noise reduction and bordering driveways. 

  • Pyrus Calleryana Cleveland Select:

Pyrus Calleryana Cleveland Select is a medium-sized, fast-growing deciduous tree that produces dense and upright branches. With an ability to thrive in well-drained, rich soils, they grow to a height of 11 metres and spread across 6 metres wide. In spring, the Cleveland Select produces brilliant white flowers, giving rise to brown-coloured fruits. With their pyramid and conical shape, these trees can adorn your landscape.

  • Pyrus Calleryana Red Spire:

Pyrus Calleryana Red Spire, with its narrow, conical crown, can grow to a height of 8 to 12 metres. They boast greyish brown barks, shallow grooves and thorny twigs. The leaves appear glossy green which turns to yellow, red or purple in autumn. During spring, the tree produces elegant white blossoms which mature into brown-coloured fruits. They prefer neutral to calcareous soil but grow well in all soil types. 

Other Popular Varieties Include:

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