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Pyrus ussuriensis Manchurian / Ornamental Pear

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pot size: 20cm
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Pyrus Manchurian Pear is a well known medium-sized tree that flowers very early in spring and has bright autumn leaf colour that is held well on the branches. Pyrus ussuriensis is suitable for many landscapes, including parks and large gardens. Glossy, dark green rounded leaves turning to varying autumn tones of plum-red, scarlet and gold. Foliage is held on the tree well into late autumn. White flowers to 3 cm across in early spring are pale pink in bud. One of the first ornamental pears to flower in spring.

Water moderately during first summer of planting, and then less often once established.  Will benefit from Mulching

Grows to a height of 9m and 7m wide. Buy Pyrus Ussuriensis Manchurian Pear tree online. The well-known medium-sized tree that flowers very early in spring and has bright autumn leaf foliage colour

The Manchurian pear is a deciduous tree that is native to China, Japan, Korea, and Russia. It is often grown for its ornamental value due to its showy white flowers that bloom in the spring, followed by small, round, green fruit that ripen to a yellow or brown color in the fall. The fruit is typically not consumed by humans, but is occasionally used to make pear wine or brandy.

In addition to its ornamental uses, the Manchurian pear has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for various ailments, including coughs, asthma, and digestive issues. However, it is important to note that there is limited scientific research on the medicinal properties of this plant, and it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using it for medicinal purposes.
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