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Bee Friendly Lavender Varieties, Grow & Care
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Bee Friendly Lavender Varieties, Grow & Care

Lavender is a versatile and strong scented plant that is normally used for flowerbeds, gardens, pots or anywhere else you would want to grow it. This perennial plant is preferred for its healing and aromatic properties and was anciently used during medieval times to chase away evil spirits. Available at Online Plants, lavender is commonly used for its cosmetic purposes to make soaps and perfumes. It is also used for culinary purposes for cooking and in teas as well as medicinally to treat digestion, headaches, arthritis, and exhaustion.

Varieties of Lavender plants:

There are different varieties of lavender plants which are divided into the following main groups:

English lavender: Scientifically known as Lavandula Angustifolia comes in hundreds of varieties and is available in different sizes and colours. This type of lavender plant is commonly used in the production of oil and potpourri.

French lavender:  Lavandula Dentata is a large shrub with green serrated leaves and a flat, purple flower.

Italian lavender: Also known as Lavandula stoechas, this plant variety has two coloured wings at the top of the flower

Some of the Varieties of Lavender Plants are Lavender Avonview, Lavender Dentata Royal Crown, Lavender Grosso, Lavender Ploughmans PurpleLavender Rose SensationLavender Winter PurpleLavender Forte Javelin Deep RoseLavender HidcoteLavender Hidcote Blue, Lavender Monet

How to Grow Lavender Plant?

It is important you grow lavender in the spring when the soil is about to warm up. If it is planted during autumn, you should grow bigger plants which can survive during the winter season. Lavender can be grown on either side of the path as well as in herb circles, courtyards, and picket fence. The plant should be grown 2 to 3 feet apart in poor fertile soil. Make sure you keep the plant away from moist, wet areas. Note that you can grow lavender with other Mediterranean plants such as rosemary, rock rose, sage, and lemon Jerusalem sage.


Add mulch around the lavender plant to make sure lavender doesn't grow. Make sure the mulch is kept away from the lavender's crown.

  • Water the plant at least once or twice per week.
  • If you are growing the plant in cold areas, cover the plant with a winter mulch of straw.
  • Plants that are grown should be pruned in the spring when the leaves begin to emerge.
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