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Lavender Ploughmans Purple

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pot size: 14cm
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A vigorous growing form of Lavender with masses of dark purple flower heads in spring. Prune after flowering to maintain shape, water moderately during dry periods. It requires a full sun position in a well-drained soil. Height to 80cm.
Lavender pedunculata 'Ploughman's Purple' is a cultivar of Lavandula pedunculata, also known as the Spanish lavender. It is named for its ploughman's purple-blue flower spikes and is native to the Mediterranean region.
This cultivar of lavender is a small, evergreen shrub that typically grows to 80cm in height and width. It has narrow, silver-gray leaves that are highly aromatic and are often used in cooking and perfumery.
The flower spikes of Lavender pedunculata 'Ploughman's Purple' are long and slender and have a distinctive deep purple-blue color. They bloom from late spring to early summer and are highly attractive to bees and other pollinators.
This cultivar of lavender is often grown in rock gardens, herb gardens, and containers, and is well-suited for Mediterranean-style landscapes. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil, and is relatively drought-tolerant once established.
Like other types of lavender, Lavender pedunculata 'Ploughman's Purple' is also used for its essential oil, which has a strong, floral scent and is commonly used in aromatherapy and perfumery.
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