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Zelkova serrata Green Vase

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pot size: 40cm
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Zelkova serrata ‘Green Vase’; is an attractive choice for use in parks and private gardens where space permits. A very adaptable and graceful tree with excellent uniformity and branch structure, Bright green, ovate leaves with distinctly serrate margins. The autumn colours are yellow, coppery-bronze to red. Prefers full sun but will tolerate partial shade.
Zelkova serrata Green Vase is a deciduous tree renowned for its elegant, vase-like shape and vibrant green foliage. It typically reaches a height of 45 to 60 feet with a spread of 30 to 40 feet. The leaves are serrated, ovate, and turn a stunning bronze-red color in the fall. This cultivar of Zelkova serrata is valued for its tolerance to urban conditions, making it a popular choice for street plantings and landscaping.
To successfully grow Zelkova serrata Green Vase, choose a location with well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. Plant the tree in a hole slightly larger than the root ball, ensuring the crown is level with the soil surface. Water regularly during the establishment phase, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Apply a layer of organic mulch around the base to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Prune in late winter to maintain the desired shape and remove any dead or crossing branches. Zelkova serrata Green Vase is generally low-maintenance, but occasional fertilization and pest monitoring may be necessary for optimal growth.
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