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Viburnum Anvi

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Viburnum Anvi is a new improved form of the ever popular Viburnum tinus. Grows to a maximum of 4m tall and 3.5m wide. A compact bushy shrub producing flamboyant flowers over a long period. Great for winter colour, cut flower arrangements and hedging. Anvi is a species of Viburnum that is native to the Mediterranean region. It is commonly known as laurustinus and is often grown as an ornamental shrub.
Plant in full sun or partial shade position in well drained, fairly fertile soil.  
Consider using as a lower hedging/screening plant. Will benefit from annual pruning. 
Viburnum Anvi produces clusters of pinkish-white flowers in the winter, which are followed by metallic blue berries. The leaves are dark green and leathery, and they have a slightly serrated edge. Popular choice for hedging and can also be grown as a standalone shrub.
Viburnum tinus is a hardy plant that is relatively easy to grow. It prefers well-draining soil and partial to full sun exposure. It can tolerate some shade and is resistant to drought and pests. Viburnum tinus can be pruned in the spring to maintain its shape and size. It is also tolerant of pollution, making it a good choice for urban or suburban landscapes.
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