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Solanum Jasminoides Potato Vine

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Solanum jasminoides, commonly known as Potato Vineor Chilean Potato Vine, is a fast-growing, evergreen climber. It features glossy, dark green leaves and produces clusters of fragrant, star-shaped white flowers with a yellow center, attracting butterflies and bees.
To grow Potato Vine, provide well-draining soil and a sunny to partially shaded location. Plant in spring or early summer, ensuring enough space for climbing support. Water regularly but avoid waterlogged soil. Prune to control growth and shape the vine if needed. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer in the growing season. Protect from frost in colder climates. With proper care, the Solanum jasminoides will flourish, adorning your garden or trellis with its charming foliage and sweet-scented blooms.
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