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Sarcococca confusa Sweet Box

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pot size: 14cm
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Sarcococca Sweet Box is an evergreen shrub to 1.5 meters. However can be pruned as low as 30cm for a dense border plant.  Dark green glossy foliage. Small white flowers in spring.  Useful as a low hedging option, Versatile and hardy in all positions.  Excellent species for low border hedging and window box planting.  Attractive all year round.  Light pruning can be beneficial once per year, but otherwise a very hardy shrub.  MInimal watering required. 
An evergreen shrub that exudes an enchanting fragrance, captivating garden enthusiasts. Native to China, it boasts glossy, dark green leaves and inconspicuous, yet highly aromatic, cream-white flowers that bloom in winter, providing an unexpected delight during the colder months. Its compact, dense growth habit makes it ideal for borders, hedges, or as a delightful ground cover. Sweet Box thrives in partial to full shade and well-drained soil, making it a versatile addition to various garden settings. The plant's alluring scent attracts pollinators and its black berries offer a treat for wildlife. Low-maintenance and visually pleasing, Sarcococca confusa brings year-round beauty and fragrance to any landscape.
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