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Melaleuca Linarifolia Snow in Summer

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pot size: 25cm
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Melaleuca Snow In Summer is a spectacular, extremally resilient large growing Australian Native shrub. It can be an excellent shade tree with a minimum of fuss. With soft foliage and a beautiful paperbark type of trunk, this tree is a good choice for screening and hedging. Or a stand alone specimen tree. 
Covered in feathery creamy white flowers in Summer, hence the name 'snow in summer'. This Melaleuca species looks like it has been dusted with snow, making this an excellent plant to provide habitat and a food source for native birds and insects.
At maturity will reach 4-5mt tall and 3-4mt wide. 
Frost tolerant and drought hardy once established, Melaleucas are a great choice for low maintenance gardening in many different climates. Suitable for coastal planting, grows well in most well drained soils and can be grown in full sun to part shade.
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