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Loropetalum Flame n Gorgeous

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An evergreen shrub with ornamental reddish-purple foliage. Striking lolly-pink flowers mostly during spring but spot flowering throughout the year. This very versitile shrub is ideal as a feature specimen, in a sunny border or along drives or pathways, or in rockeries as well as around pools. Can also be grown in tubs. Prefers a full sun to part shade position. A light trim after flowering will keep it neat and a compact shape. Grows 1.8-4m high x 2.4m wide.
Loropetalum 'Flame 'n' Gorgeous' is a compact, evergreen shrub. It features oval-shaped, dark green leaves that have a bronze-red new growth, creating a striking contrast. The foliage maintains its color throughout the year, providing visual interest even when not in bloom.
One of the highlights of Loropetalum 'Flame 'n' Gorgeous' is its vibrant flowers. It produces clusters of spidery, fringe-like flowers that can range in color from hot pink to magenta, depending on the variety. The flowers usually appear in spring and may continue sporadically throughout the year, adding a burst of color to the garden.
Loropetalum 'Flame 'n' Gorgeous' thrives in full sun to partial shade. It prefers well-draining soil that is slightly acidic to neutral. Adequate moisture is important, especially during the establishment period, but it can tolerate moderate drought once established.
Pruning for Loropetalum 'Flame 'n' Gorgeous' is generally done after the flowering period to maintain its shape and promote dense growth. Light pruning throughout the year can help remove any dead or crossing branches. However, it's important to avoid excessive pruning, as it may reduce the plant's flowering potential.
Loropetalum 'Flame 'n' Gorgeous' is commonly used as an ornamental shrub in gardens and landscapes. It works well as a specimen plant, in mixed borders, or as a low hedge. The vibrant foliage and flowers provide year-round interest, making it an attractive addition to outdoor spaces.
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