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Leucospermum hybrida So Majestic

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pot size: 14cm
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Leucospermum hybrida 'So Majestic' is a stunning hybrid cultivar of the Proteaceae family, renowned for its striking, large, globe-shaped flower heads. These vibrant blooms feature a mix of fiery red and golden yellow hues, creating a visually captivating display.
Typically reaching a mature size of 1.2-1.8mt in both height and width, 'So Majestic' thrives in well-draining, acidic soils and prefers full sunlight.
To cultivate this majestic beauty, plant it in a location sheltered from strong winds and provide regular watering during its growing season.
Apply a low-phosphorus, well-balanced fertilizer in spring, and prune lightly after flowering to maintain its desired shape. With proper care, Leucospermum hybrida 'So Majestic' will reward gardeners with a dazzling and resilient addition to their landscape.
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