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Juniperus Scopulorum Skyrocket

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Juniperus scopulorum 'Skyrocket', commonly known as Skyrocket Juniper, is a narrow, columnar evergreen shrub prized for its striking vertical growth habit. This cultivar of the Rocky Mountain Juniper is a popular choice for adding height and structure to garden landscapes.  Very popular variety for Melbourne and Sydney suburban gardens.  Terrific plant where narrow screening is required, ie: along driveways or narrow walkways. 
'Skyrocket' typically grows to around 3-5 meters in height, with a width of only 30-60 centimeters, making it an excellent choice for narrow spaces or as a vertical accent in the garden. It has dense, blue-green foliage that maintains its color year-round, adding a touch of beauty to the garden in all seasons.
To grow Juniperus scopulorum 'Skyrocket', plant it in a sunny position in well-draining soil. This cultivar is drought-tolerant once established and requires minimal maintenance. Pruning is generally not necessary, but occasional shaping can help maintain its columnar form. 'Skyrocket' is an excellent choice for adding year-round interest and structure to garden landscapes.
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