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Hardenbergia Happy Wanderer

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pot size: 14cm
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Hardenbergia Happy Wanderer is a delightful and vigorous vine that adds a burst of color to any landscape. Its dense growth habit and slender, twining stems make it perfect for covering fences, trellises, or walls.
This evergreen climber features abundant clusters of deep purple, pea-like flowers, which contrast beautifully against its glossy, dark green foliage. Happy Wanderer is adaptable to various soil types and thrives in full sun to partial shade.
Low-maintenance and drought-tolerant, it brings joy with its stunning blooms and adds a touch of elegance and vibrancy to gardens, making it a popular choice for many gardeners.
Very popular evergreen native climber, groundcover plant.  Bright, vibrant purple pea flowers in late winter and spring.  Excellent as a rambling, bushy ground-cover in nearly all garden areas.  Bird attracting, drought and frost tolerant.  
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