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Gleditsia Triacanthos Limegold

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Gleditsia triacanthos 'Limegold' is a striking cultivar of the honey locust tree, prized for its vibrant golden-yellow foliage and graceful appearance. This deciduous tree is native to North America but has gained popularity worldwide for its ornamental value.
'Limegold' typically grows to around 8meters in height, with a similar spread. It has a pyramidal to oval-shaped canopy, creating a lovely silhouette in the landscape. The foliage emerges in spring as a bright lime-green color, gradually turning to golden-yellow as the season progresses. In autumn, the leaves may develop hints of orange before dropping, providing additional visual interest.
To grow Gleditsia triacanthos 'Limegold', plant it in a sunny position in well-draining soil. This cultivar is relatively low-maintenance once established and is tolerant of a wide range of soil types. Regular watering during the establishment period will help the tree develop a strong root system. Pruning is generally not necessary, but occasional shaping can help maintain its attractive form. 'Limegold' is an excellent choice for adding year-round color and beauty to Australian gardens.
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