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Flower Carpet Rose, Pink Splash

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Flower Carpet Rose 'Pink Splash' is a vibrant, easy-care groundcover rose that features a stunning mix of pink and white blooms, giving it a splashed appearance. This variety flowers profusely from spring through fall, adding a lively and eye-catching display to gardens.

The plant grows to about 60-80 cm in height and spreads up to 1 meter wide, forming a dense, bushy mound of glossy green foliage. It thrives in full sun and well-draining soil, and is highly disease-resistant and drought-tolerant once established. Vigorous pruning is required, and deadheading can also encourage more blooms. Ideal for borders, mass plantings, and containers, Flower Carpet Rose 'Pink Splash' brings a delightful burst of color to any landscape.

Flower Carpet Rose 'Pink Splash' is a vibrant, low-maintenance groundcover rose with striking pink and white bi-color blooms. To plant it in Melbourne, choose a location with full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil. This rose variety is perfect for garden borders, mass plantings, and containers, where it can benefit from Melbourne's temperate climate.

Companion plants for Flower Carpet Rose 'Pink Splash' in Melbourne include:

1. Lavender: Its purple blooms and aromatic foliage complement the roses while deterring pests.
2. Salvia: Adds height and contrasting colors, and attracts pollinators.
3. Catmint (Nepeta): Its blue flowers and fragrant leaves create a lovely contrast.
4. Boxwood (Buxus): Provides a formal structure and evergreen backdrop.
5. Thyme: A low-growing herb that fills gaps and adds fragrance.

These companions will enhance the aesthetic appeal and health of your Flower Carpet Rose 'Pink Splash' in Melbourne gardens.

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