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Doryanthes palmeri Giant Spear Lily

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Pot Size: 20cm
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Doryanthes palmeri, also known as the Giant Spear Lily, is a strikingly large perennial that is native to Australia. It boasts sword-like, arching leaves that can grow up to 3 meters in length and produces magnificent flower spikes, which can stand up to 5 meters high. These spikes are covered with sizable, red, tubular flowers that are known to attract birds and pollinators.

For cultivation, Doryanthes palmeri should be planted in a location that receives full sun to partial shade and has well-draining soil. It thrives in a protected area away from strong winds. It's important to water it regularly during its initial growth phase and to maintain consistent moisture during periods of drought. Once it's established, it becomes quite drought-resistant. This plant is perfect for creating a focal point in expansive gardens, rockeries, or within a native planting scheme. It is also suitable for growing in large pots. Applying mulch regularly will help preserve soil moisture and control weeds. Doryanthes palmeri, with its dramatic presence and towering flower spikes, brings a bold architectural quality to any garden setting.

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