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Correa Backhousiana

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Correa Backhousiana or Tasmanian Fuschia is a member of the Rutaceae family of Australian natives  
Rounded evergreen native shrub with yellow bell shaped flowers in spring and summer. Grows up to 2mt tall. Frost tolerant and bird attracting. Ideal for screening or specimen planting. Will grow best in a sunny position but can adapt to heavy shade. 
Tip prune to prolong flowering and shape,  Can be used in any native garden or with other evergreen shrubs. 

Correa Backhousiana, commonly known as the Rock Correa, is an evergreen shrub native to Australia. It features attractive pendulous flowers with red or greenish-yellow tubes and lime-green or yellow petals. To grow Correa Backhousiana, provide well-drained soil in a sunny or partly shaded location. It prefers a mild climate and is drought-tolerant once established. Regular watering during dry periods and light pruning after flowering will promote healthy growth. This versatile plant is suitable for gardens, rockeries, and containers, adding a unique touch to any landscape with its charming blooms.

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