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Coleonema Pulchrum Aurea Golden Diosma

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Coleonema pulchrum aurea, also known as Golden Diosma, is a charming evergreen shrub native to South Africa. It typically reaches a height of 60 to 120 cm and has a similar spread. The plant features fine, needle-like golden-yellow foliage that emits a pleasant aromatic fragrance, adding a touch of brightness to any garden.
To grow Coleonema Golden Diosma successfully, provide it with well-drained soil and a sunny location. This shrub is drought-tolerant once established, but regular watering during the early stages of growth is essential. Pruning after flowering helps maintain its compact shape and encourages new growth. Additionally, adding a layer of mulch around the plant can aid in moisture retention and weed suppression.
Overall, Coleonema Golden Diosma is a relatively low-maintenance and visually appealing plant, perfect for gardens or landscapes that desire a pop of golden color and a delightful scent.
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