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Clivia Orange

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pot size: 20cm
Sizing guide
Exotic copper-orange or yellow flowers add a warm glow in the shade. Grows to 75cm by 60cm.  Water well in spring and summer but keep soil drier in autumn and winter.  Mulch around the base to aid with moisture retention.  Use snail pellets, provided you don't have dogs.  
Clivia are a fabulous under planting in shaded areas of the garden,  Online plants recommends bulk planting of this shrub for maximum effect. Complements with Waterhousia and other lush deep green foliage specimen trees such as Camellia japonica species
Dead head after flowering if desired (this removes seed heads). Otherwise leave them to set seed. Seedlings will take about four or five years before they flower.
Clivia are incredibly tough, resiliant plant which brighten the garden during late winter and early spring with clusters of vibrant yellow throated, orange or salmon trumpet flowers. The flowers are held on stalks above the clump of dark green strap-like leaves.
 Clivias are native to  South Africa and grow in most areas of Australia 
Will benefit from feeding twice per year with a complete plant food and liquid fertilizer. For further inquiries please use our free garden design service or email:
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