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Carex Appressa Tall Sedge

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pot size: 14cm
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Tall sedge or large ornamental tussock grass growing to 80cm high and 60cm across. Attractive large yellow seed heads are seen in spring reaching up to one metre high. Accepts virtually all soil types including wet areas. It’s frost tolerant down to around -7 °C and drought tolerant performing well through extended dry periods. The flowers and seed spikes are appealing and suitable for floral arrangements. This hardy large tussock plant also looks very effective in containers or in mass plantings.
Carex appressa, commonly known as Tall Sedge, is a species of perennial plant in the Cyperaceae family. It is native to Australia and New Zealand, and is commonly found in wetlands, swamps, and along riverbanks.
Tall Sedge has ong, thin leaves and a clumping habit. It produces flowering stems that are topped with clusters of small, brown or yellowish flowers. The plant prefers moist to wet soils and full to partial sun, and is tolerant of seasonal flooding.
Tall Sedge is often used in wetland restoration projects, as it is a hardy and fast-growing plant that can help stabilize soil and improve water quality. It is also used in landscaping, particularly in rain gardens or other areas where drainage is poor.
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