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Callistemon Kings Park Special

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pot size: 14cm
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Ideal native plant for screening or hedging. Grows to around 5mt by 3mt. Mass of bright red bottlebrush flowers in spring and summer. Will thrive in moist, well drained soil in a sunny to partly shaded position. However is equally adaptable in boggy, wet positions.
Callistemon 'Kings Park Special' is a cultivar of the Callistemon genus, commonly known as Bottlebrush, which is native to Australia. This cultivar was developed by the staff of the Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, Western Australia, hence its name.
'Kings Park Special' is a small to medium-sized evergreen shrub Australian native shrub/small tree. Its foliage is dark green and lance-shaped, and the plant produces stunning crimson-red flowers that resemble the shape of a bottle brush, hence the common name. These flowers bloom in spring and continue into early summer.
This plant is hardy and can tolerate a wide range of soil types, including sandy, loamy, and clay soils, and it prefers full sun to partial shade. It's a low-maintenance plant that requires little water once established and can attract birds and bees to your garden. It's commonly used as a hedge, specimen plant, or in mass plantings. Low water requirement once established. The flowers attract nectar feeding birds.
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